Earn and save up to £30K by becoming your own energy supplier

Homeowners are now able to reduce their heating and electricity bills by as much as 70%, as well as earn and save up to £30K for generating their own electricity – all thanks to Solar Finder.

The innovative solar technology is unlike most on the market... their systems transform properties into ‘smart homes’ by maximising solar usage to save and earn you a substantial amount of cash.

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How do you earn money from solar?

Rather than just saving you money on your energy bills, Solar Finder’s advanced systems can make you money. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, their solar panels can generate, store and trade energy – saving and earning you up to £30K!

There are many ways you could make money with Solar Finder:

  • Store solar power for use at peak times
  • Avoid Big 6 prices & save up to 70% on your bills
  • Earn an extra income through energy brokerage
  • Sell any unused solar energy via trading app
  • Reduce your reliance on the National Grid

Unlock the full potential of solar today

Did you know, on average, homeowners use just 27% of the solar energy they generate? This is because most people are at work for a large portion of the day and therefore only use electricity in the morning and evening. The rest of the solar power generated goes to waste...

However, Solar Finder’s advanced systems allow you to maximise your usage. They generate energy even while you’re at work and store it in their state-of-the-art batteries. Then, these clever systems utilise that energy during peak times when you’re back at home and trade the rest to earn and save you money!

Don’t pay the Big 6 energy prices!

Fed up with the ever-increasing costs demanded by the Big 6 energy providers? We thought so! But you don’t have to pay their prices... join Solar Finder instead.

Currently, you only hear from your provider when they’re sending you a bill or upping your rate. But with Solar Finder, that’s not the case. Their customers actually want to hear from them, as they help you save and earn up to £30K! You can even see how the energy trading platform works in real-time via the simple yet powerful app and have as much or as little control as you want over your system.